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Precursors CG Cinematic

Precursors CG Cinematic

We desided to open this blog to show some "making of" scenes, and support further work on a new version of this cinematic.

This particular cinematic was our first try, it was also made a university graduation movie, so we had to stick with a tough deadline and certain requirements to fit into diploma project.

It's main goal was to try out our skills at CG cinematic production. We inspired by the work of such a great studios as Blur and Digic Pictures, as well as a lot of sci-fi and space-related movies and games.

And though we are not satisfied with what we've got, we processed and discussed our mistakes, and we've got a great experience making this movie.

But now we decided not just to make it better, but completely rebuild it from ground up, starting with a new script, storyboard and designs, using this old cinematic as a reference.

So, we'll start with our old cinematic first, then some making of stuff, and then we will move on to production news on a new version of it!

It is based on a fake-universe, so don't search for a full game or movie =) Maybe, in the future, we will come that far, and make a game or movie out of it, but thats not our goal at the moment.

Here was also an old production blog, used by us to coordinate people at first: http://nixes.ru/ancestors/wp/

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